Red Hot Chilli Peppers

These are no ordinary chillies. I say that because I have burnt my mouth before. They are the famous Naga Raja Chillies (king chillies) and are considered to be one of the hottest chillies on this planet. And if you are advised to taste them using a toothpick then please taste then using a toothpick.


We had a fiery red start to our weekend. Our fiery red friends arrived Friday evening, all the way from Nagaland, north east of India.

They have certainly endured a long journey which began in the morning from Kohima (Nagaland) to Dimapur by road. They were then flown from Dimapur (Nagaland) to Calcutta, and then another plane change for the final connecting flight to Bombay. By the time they arrived in Bombay it was evening.  And they still look so fresh.





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