What Is the Difference Between Photography and Fine Art Photography?

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What Is the Difference Between Photography and Fine Art Photography?

Fine Art Landscape Photography Calming Morning by nature and landscape photographer Melissa Fague

From the moment the camera was created there has always been an argument about whether or not photography is actually an art form. This argument is mainly based on the fact that the image itself is capture inside a piece of equipment rather than the equipment applying or carving the artists vision. Other reasons for the argument is because a camera can be used quickly to document things and well, in this day and age everyone owns a camera. So the vast majority of people feel that photography is not an art form and usually disregard it. Today, I would like to define the difference between Photography and Fine Art Photography in hopes that people will better understand the craft.

Photography is a very broad field, it can be used for documentary, scientific, educational, commercial, artistic, and personal purposes.  With the exception of personal…

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  1. Hello Vandana. Many thanks for liking my images. I’ve been looking at your images. Very impressive and I look forward to seeing more of your work (I’m now following you). Love your image of the tree. Best Wishes. Richard (The Photonomad).

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  2. The fine distinction between photography as a daily used function or an art form has been very aptly made here… It is indeed true that use of photographs on almost everything we use and availability of camera technology to everyone has created an age where there is less respect for fine photography work and even less for a camera person; and therefore it is prime important to educate the masses of the real hard work that goes behind a picture that they would actually want to hang on their wall.


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