Yazdani Bakery : Vintage charm

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Tucked in the noisy bylanes of Fort, Mumbai, amidst printing and stationary shops is Yazdani Restaurant and Bakery. Opened in 1953, it is one of the few remaining Irani bakeries in Mumbai. The bakery offers a wide variety of breads, cakes and biscuits. Regulars like me go for their apple Pie, Multigrain Bread, ginger buiscuits and we never miss their rum cakes around Christmas. If you want to experience old world Mumbai, a visit to Yazdani is a must.  And don’t forget to try this chai and bun/brun maska!!



(C) Vandana Kandpal



Chinatown, Singapore

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Back to sweltering Mumbai after a refreshing holiday. I was lucky to be able to visit my favorite Chinatown thrice, while in Singapore. Not to mention the two beautiful Chinese tea sets I picked up, apart from enjoying traditional Cantonese cuisine and Dim Sums at Tak Po!



(c) Vandana Kandpal



(C) Vandana Kandpal



(C) Vandana Kandpal


(c) Vandana Kandpal

Mouth-wateringly Delicious!

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(C) Vandana Kandpal

This traditional Indian dessert will make anybody’s (who’s grown up in India) mouth water. These are Gulab Jamuns,  fried milk solid dumplings soaked in cardmom and saffron flavored sugar syrup. The Halwai (confectioner) in the picture is making sure that the fried hot dumplings soak every bit of the flavored syrup.

Hot syrupy Gulab Jamuns topped with vanilla ice cream is a popular combination any Indian will swear by!



Hungry Kya?

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Everytime I see this image, I am hungry and I feel a twinge of regret. If only i had stopped by to taste some.  Bhature and a variety of Pakoras at the Mall Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. And wait a minute, do I also see a Samosa?

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

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These are no ordinary chillies. I say that because I have burnt my mouth before. They are the famous Naga Raja Chillies (king chillies) and are considered to be one of the hottest chillies on this planet. And if you are advised to taste them using a toothpick then please taste then using a toothpick.


We had a fiery red start to our weekend. Our fiery red friends arrived Friday evening, all the way from Nagaland, north east of India.

They have certainly endured a long journey which began in the morning from Kohima (Nagaland) to Dimapur by road. They were then flown from Dimapur (Nagaland) to Calcutta, and then another plane change for the final connecting flight to Bombay. By the time they arrived in Bombay it was evening.  And they still look so fresh.




Raju Ka Peeza

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Raju sets up a portable roadside kitchen/ stall every morning. He makes pizzas and sandwiches mostly for the hawkers setting up stalls along the Causeway and early morning office goers.

Every morning as I go to drop my boy to school, the aroma of fresh pizzas  leaves me very hungry as it wafts through my nostrils.  I’ve never tried it as 7.30 is too early for Pizzas, but I’m sure its tastes as delicious as it looks.

Saturday Brunch

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Saturdays are for lazy starts and hearty brunches. I generally create  something delectable from leftovers. This time there were no leftovers so decided to stir fry tortellini with lots of greens, Chinese style. The boys loved it, they love their Pasta as much as they love their Parathas. Wonder what the Italians would say to this. Chinese Tortellini?