What Is the Difference Between Photography and Fine Art Photography?


What Is the Difference Between Photography and Fine Art Photography?

Fine Art Landscape Photography Calming Morning by nature and landscape photographer Melissa Fague

From the moment the camera was created there has always been an argument about whether or not photography is actually an art form. This argument is mainly based on the fact that the image itself is capture inside a piece of equipment rather than the equipment applying or carving the artists vision. Other reasons for the argument is because a camera can be used quickly to document things and well, in this day and age everyone owns a camera. So the vast majority of people feel that photography is not an art form and usually disregard it. Today, I would like to define the difference between Photography and Fine Art Photography in hopes that people will better understand the craft.

Photography is a very broad field, it can be used for documentary, scientific, educational, commercial, artistic, and personal purposes.  With the exception of personal…

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Chinatown, Singapore

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Back to sweltering Mumbai after a refreshing holiday. I was lucky to be able to visit my favorite Chinatown thrice, while in Singapore. Not to mention the two beautiful Chinese tea sets I picked up, apart from enjoying traditional Cantonese cuisine and Dim Sums at Tak Po!



(c) Vandana Kandpal



(C) Vandana Kandpal



(C) Vandana Kandpal


(c) Vandana Kandpal

Mouth-wateringly Delicious!

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(C) Vandana Kandpal

This traditional Indian dessert will make anybody’s (who’s grown up in India) mouth water. These are Gulab Jamuns,  fried milk solid dumplings soaked in cardmom and saffron flavored sugar syrup. The Halwai (confectioner) in the picture is making sure that the fried hot dumplings soak every bit of the flavored syrup.

Hot syrupy Gulab Jamuns topped with vanilla ice cream is a popular combination any Indian will swear by!