Are these Peach blossoms? The Blue Project #4

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With the  temperature here gradually soaring and the city preparing for the summer, I find myself thinking about the mountains. This image was taken a couple of years ago while exploring Sitla,  a charming little village in Kumaon, Uttarakhand, India, with an enchanting view of the Himalayas. The blossoms I am assuming are peach blossoms. What do you think?

A Pictorial Account : Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2016

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The Much awaited Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (6 to 14 February, 2016) is back !!



(C) Vandana Kandpal


(C) Vandana Kandpal


(C) Vandana Kandpal


(C) Vandana Kandpal


(C) Vandana Kandpal


(C) Vandana Candle


(C) Vandana Kandpal


(C) Vandana Kandpal


(C) Vandana Kandpal


(C) Vandana Kandpal


(C) Vandana Kandpal


(C) Vandana Kandpal


(C) Vandana Kandpal


(C) Vandana Kandpal

DSC_5996 (1)edit

(C) Vandana Kandpal

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

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These are no ordinary chillies. I say that because I have burnt my mouth before. They are the famous Naga Raja Chillies (king chillies) and are considered to be one of the hottest chillies on this planet. And if you are advised to taste them using a toothpick then please taste then using a toothpick.


We had a fiery red start to our weekend. Our fiery red friends arrived Friday evening, all the way from Nagaland, north east of India.

They have certainly endured a long journey which began in the morning from Kohima (Nagaland) to Dimapur by road. They were then flown from Dimapur (Nagaland) to Calcutta, and then another plane change for the final connecting flight to Bombay. By the time they arrived in Bombay it was evening.  And they still look so fresh.




Frozen in time

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DSC_5046                                     (Vandana Kandpal)

This picture was taken in one of the rooms in the main palace of the Bal Samand Lake Palace. Its now a heritage hotel run by the welcome group. Built in red sandstone the hotel was initially built as the summer residence of the Jodhpur Maharajas. The palace overlooks the Bal samand lake that was artificially created in the late 13th century as a water reservoir to supply drinking water to the city.

This was my second visit to the palace, and I would say its one of the best places to stay in Jodhpur. I would visit to Jodhpur yet again only to stay in Bal samand Lake Palace.